Iran Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic


Iran Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic is one of the first modern plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics in which rhinoplasty is the most common performed operation. The clinic has highly equipped operating rooms. Operating and recovery rooms have advanced anesthesia machines with all equipment including ventilators, vital signs monitoring devices, capnograph and modern pulse oximeters, controllable beds, modern operating room lights, oxygen concentrators, central oxygen and suction, as well as advanced plastic surgery devices including laser, liposuction, lipomatic, ultraZED, Zeiss microscopes, endoscopy devices, pneumatic pumps and more. Central heating and cooling systems provide balanced temperature in the operating room.

The clinic is managed by qualified, professional, and caring staff as well as the responsible physicians including doctor Manafi and other surgeons. Physicians and the anesthesia staff are highly experienced and skilled and are always ready to help patients.

Iran Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic has the facilities for hostelry hospitalization, but more than 90% of patients are discharged after a few hours and their job can be performed as day care. It is tried to provide all the equipment needed for the comfort of patients and staff. If you are our patient, we will do our best to make all things memorable for you associated with complete health and healing.

Our concern is your health and comfort.





No. 305, Third floor, Samsung Building (Vanak Bazar), Vanak Square, Tehran


42 99 87 88  (021)


Doctor Manafi’s office hours: 16:30 to 20:30 on even days