The present website is intended to provide certain information on plastic and cosmetic surgery in the work field of plastic surgeons. Therefore, not only the positive aspects of the surgery and some examples are sincerely presented, but the possible adverse effects and outcomes of plastic surgery are also mentioned, although not in detail, because it is not possible to provide general information here. The presented cases are just examples and further explanation and samples will be provided at your visit. It is important that you know that several or even tens of procedures may exist for surgery and any surgeon will practice his method procedure. In this website, the methods and opinions of Doctor Manafi will be introduced.

 According to Doctor Manafi, everyone who wants to undergo plastic surgery has the right to receive necessary information, consult at the best conditions, and enjoy from the best anesthesia and pharmaceutical facilities, so that individual’s health is not threatened in any way and the best possible outcome of your surgery is obtained.



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