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Breast reconstruction

Women who had lost their breasts for any reason are very prone to depression. It is better to help them through reconstruction of their breast, restoration of the appearance and symmetry of chest, and also helping their mood.

The right half and the left half of the body are not symmetric in most people and it has been proved that body symmetry is an exception. That is why those who want the operation must have realistic expectations and are not obsessed. In most cases, surgeons do not operate people with mental and emotional instability and obsession.

Breast reconstruction may require several surgeries.

Today, surgeons’ ability in breast reconstruction has increased so that these operations can be performed using skin tissue, lower abdominal fat, and dorsal muscles without the use of implants. Fat injections or breast implant can also be used for reconstruction after fat tissue expansion and using the skin of abdomen and buttocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • People with congenital breast asymmetry and or those who lost their breasts due to previous surgery (e.g. breast cancer) are the main candidate for breast reconstruction.

  • Fortunately, this operation does not create a problem for breastfeeding and pregnancy. But there is a risk of infection and special considerations can minimize its possibility.

  • Routine laboratory tests in addition to mammography, ultrasound, or MRI as needed with the agreement of patient’s oncologist.

  • Driving is forbidden for 1 month. Because the breast may be pressed or the implant may move.

  • You can do light exercise after 2 to 3 weeks and contact sports after 2 months. It is of course strongly dependent on the type of patient’s surgery.

  • Never press the breast. Do not sleep on the breast.

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