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Chin implantation - Genioplasty

The impact of various parts of the face, especially chin and nose, on each other is undeniable. Sometimes your chin may have a normal condition while the upper jaw is too far forward or the lower jaw is too far backward, or there are contrary conditions, or the height of the chin and jaw is too long or too short. As the case, the chin bone can be repaired (genioplasty) or a prosthesis can be used to make a more favorable chin and thus a more favorable face for the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Chin implantation takes about 2 hours.

  • The patient is discharged 5 to 6 hours after the surgery.

  • You can take a short bath 24 to 48 hours after operation.

  • This surgery depends greatly on the skill of the surgeon to not damage the lip nerves. 

  • Those who have a small or deviated chin are the main candidates of this operation.

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